Valeri Maltoni at Conversation Agent had this quote in an entry she wrote on kicking hind tail:

"The surest way to guarantee nothing interesting happens is to assume you know exactly how to do it." [Kathy Sierra]

Have you been around those people who think they know it all?  I don’t know about you but most of the successful leaders I know around (in terms of how I view success) don’t act like they know it all.

First let me give you the definition of how I view success:

  1. Left or is leaving a legacy: When this person moves on or passes away what they accomplished and did will keep going without skipping a beat.
  2. Invests in others: Along with leaving a legacy they were true teachers and trainers.  They kept giving toward others.
  3. Hire the Best: They aren’t afraid to hire smart people and get out of their way. 
  4. Give others the Credit: They don’t need the credit so they pass it on to everyone else.
  5. Stick to their Guns: They aren’t afraid to compromise on anything but their ethics and morals.  They never make short term decisions that affect character in the long term.


Successful leaders who I have met do not act like they know it all.  Most of them are actually more interested in me and what I know.  There is almost a humble, genuine, interest in how they approach people.

Selfish leaders are hoarders and Successful leaders are spreaders.  They give away things to others and in turn receive things ten fold.  They aren’t at all interested in always getting something for things they do.  They are interested in the betterment of everyone.

Stop assuming you know it all and listen to others and even ask for help.  You will never know it all and the more committed people involved the more you can accomplish.

You know what happens when you do assume: 

You make an ass out of you and me.