Why do we always protect our kids from everything?  If they are truly going to learn from this recession they need to experience it.  If you are cutting back on spending so do they.  Don’t start compromising your future for your kids. 

Look at some of the changes throughout the years:

  1. Kids Can’t Share Rooms: Everyone now needs bigger houses with more bedrooms because kids can’t share rooms.  I don’t know about you but when I grew up I shared a room and so did all of my friends.
  2. Parents Take Care of College: Many parents are handcuffing themselves and paying for all of their kids college.  Why not give them goals they need to reach for you to help them out or match what they put in.
  3. Kids Don’t Have to Work: How many kids don’t even know how to work these days?  A LOT.  They sure know how to play video games though.  Make your kids be responsible and get a job.  Do some manual labor for the summer and learn what work is.
  4. My Kid Didn’t Do That: How many parents side with their kids over teachers these days?  A LOT.  Most teachers are not trying to pick on your kids.  And your kids are not perfect. 
  5. My Kid Can’t Fail: Failure is such a swear word among parents.  Failure is what helps mold people more than anything else. 

All parents want their kids to have a better life than they had.  Why don’t you do that by having them learn some of the lessons you learned along the way.  I know it may not seem like you are giving them a better life, but in the future they will thank you. 

By babying and protecting your kids you are doing them a terrible disservice.

This whole article came about from an article from one of My favorite blogs: Leadership Turn by Miki Saxon.