As you go through college and in work also people wear their ability to procrastinate like a badge of honor.  I know I some times claim that I perform better under pressure. 

But are those who really truly procrastinate the successful leaders in the world.  I really don’t believe so. 

Why do leaders avoid procrastination?

  1. Others Depend on Them: Procrastination is very selfish. If you decide to do it you are making the conscious decision that you are about me instead of we.
  2. They Need to Look Ahead: They need to look at things in the future and that means looking at things that aren’t necessarily urgent but are very important.
  3. They Don’t Need to Brag: Those that are true leaders don’t need to tell others how they can do things last minute. 
  4. Preparation is Key: They prepare and plan for everything.  They think through processes and other tasks that need to be thought through well.

If we are going to stop procrastinating we need to realize how to stop doing it.  Here are ten steps to stop procrastinating by Leo of Zen Habits.

1. First make sure you really, really, really want to do it. Seriously – don’t skip this step.
2. Keep things simple – don’t mess with tools, formatting, anything, just start.
3. Make it the first thing you do today, before checking email or anything else.
4. Clear away everything that stands in the way of doing. Including turning off the Internet.
5. Just get started. Overcome the initial barrier by diving in.
6. Tell yourself you’re just going to do 10 minutes.
7. Put something you dread more at the top of your to-do list — you’ll put off doing that by doing the other things on your list. (Structured procrastination.)
8. Find something about it that excites you.
9. Forget about perfection. Just start doing it, and fix it later.
10. If you keep procrastinating, re-evaluate whether you really want to do it. Consider not doing it, or putting it on the backburner.


So why not stop trying to procrastinate and look ahead a little bit.  Do it before life passes you by.