With all of the strength-based leadership talk that has been going on lately I read an post by Dan McCarthy that made me realize you can’t just focus on strengths.

I have read Marcus Buckingham’s book First Break all the Rules, and I really enjoyed it.  Being my usual self I dove in and took what I learned from that book and tried to apply it.  The problem with focusing solely on your strengths is you never end up doing the hard work of changing the things you really don’t want ton but need to. 

I know I would rather focus on my strengths!  It makes me feel better about myself and I feel like I am more productive.  As a leader I cannot afford to just focus on my strengths.  If you are just a cog in the machine or in a factory you could just focus on your strengths.  But in leadership there is way more to it.  If I say organization is not one of my strengths and don’t focus on improving it then that will continue to hamper my abilities to be a great leader.

I know that overcoming adversity or tough circumstances makes you stronger than successes.  Don’t you think it is the same way with your weaknesses and strengths.  Strengths are like victories that feel great and you learn how good you are at things.  But weaknesses are like failures or defeats and once you come out of them you are a lot better off.