Can leadership be learned in some school?

I think some of the characteristics of what a leader should exude can be learned from school, but I don’t think being a leader can be learned through school.  Leadership is learned through trial and error, through mucking it up and making mistakes and having the gumption to learn from them. 

These are the five main characteristics that help a person become a great leader:

  1. Failure: Leaders are not afraid to fail and are not afraid to stick their neck out on the line.  They know true success comes only through failing forward.
  2. Learning: Leaders are always looking at different avenues to learn about things that could benefit them along the way.
  3. Passion: To be an exceptional leader and a person you need to have some passion.  People are more willing to follow people with a little passion.
  4. Integrity: True leaders do the right thing at all times no matter what the cost.  They know that long term success is more important than any short term wins.
  5. Giving: Leaders are always looking at how they can help people out and make them better.

What do you think about true leaders?  Are they born or made?  Before you decide read this article by George Ambler at Practice of Leadership.

In our microwave culture we want to be leaders now!  And we focus so much on trying to be a leader now that we forget that leadership is learned along the way and doesn’t just happen overnight.