If the people in your business had top pick someone to follow on a volunteer basis would they follow you?

Kevin Eikenberry had this tidbit of info in a recent blog:

Chuck Noll, coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers for many years and winner of 4 Super Bowls, said,

"The mercenaries will always beat the draftees, but the volunteers will crush them both."


Do the people you lead have the attitude of volunteers, draftees, or mercenaries? 

Do they have that attitude as a result of how you treat them? 

How do you create people with “volunteer” attitudes?

  • Listen: Listen to what they say.  Listen to their ideas and listen to what is going on in their life.
  • Care: If you treat them like employees they will be.  If you treat them as valued individuals they will treat you the same.
  • Respect: You are their boss but don’t be their dictator. 
  • Encourage: Offer encouragement when they do things right.
  • Teach: Don’t just tell people what to do all the time.  Teach them and let them fly. 

Why are we surprised when our employees talk about us behind our backs?  Think about how you treat them?  Are the mercenaries, draftees, or volunteers?