"Focus on remedies, not faults."

   -Jack Nicklaus


Are you one of those people who can always find something wrong with everything?  This is an awful problem to have if you don’t have the follow up question after it.

What is the follow up question to pointing out what is wrong?

It is trying to find the remedy for the fault.

Any person can find fault in things.  There are so many people who only find faults.  These people are called pessimists.

The only difference between a pessimist and an optimist is the follow up question. 

Pessimists point out the bad and tell everybody about it.  Optimists tell themselves what the bad is and do everything possible to turn it into good.  Optimists don’t just share the bad with people.  They share the solutions to the problems.  They are always looking for remedies.

So be a leader.  Be a remedy finder not a fault finder.  Fault finders are a dime a dozen.  Remedy finders come once in a great while.