What a crazy phrase!  I was frustrated with myself the other day and how my days were turning out.  I stopped doing the things I had worked so hard to keep myself disciplined to keep doing. 

I decided enjoyment came before discipline.

How far from the truth I was.  Discipline on the front end will lead toward a lot of enjoyment on the back end.  If you keep yourself disciplined you will get more done but also have a lot more time to have enjoyment in other things.  You will also have a lot of enjoyment in the thing you have disciplined yourself in.  No one in their right mind likes to run.  But after a while of being disciplined and running you start to see results and it starts to be enjoyable.  Not many people go out and say I want to run for fun then after weeks of running for fun they start to get disciplined.  That just doesn’t happen.

I don’t want to say stick to a routine.  Routine is a word that to me screams boring and stuck in their ways.  I would rather say stick to a framework.  Set aside certain chunks of time at certain parts of the day to work on specific things. 

For instance if you are in a retail sales job you should get most of your office computer work done right away in the morning along with communicating with employees.  This will free you up to have more time for your customers throughout the day. 

When you discipline yourself early and often then later on you can have a lot more enjoyment.  Enjoyment firsts leads to a lot of regret later.