My goals for the year were to change a habit each month.  January I gave up pop, February I decided to exercise, March I wanted to try to get up on time, for April it is to stay in touch with my people.

Right up until April my goals were going great.  Then busyness set in and the rest of my goals went by the wayside.  I started drinking pop because I needed it to get through the day, or so I thought.  I stopped exercising because I lost free time both with work and with having a baby.  Getting up on time has stopped happening because I don’t stick to a schedule and routine of going to bed on time and having enough time for relaxation.  Now I am so busy trying to keep on top of customers that I don’t know what is going on with some of my team.

I need to get back in a routine and start to focus.  To get past things you need to focus and have a plan.

To stop drinking more pop: Don’t buy it at home and take a jug of water to work and make sure that is the only thing you drink. 

Exercising: Schedule 3 days a week to do some exercise.  Don’t try to overdue it.  Just start slowly.

Getting up on time: Stay on a schedule of going to bed on time and have a routine to start your morning.

Keeping in Touch with my Team: Put them as an action item on your to do list.  Have things written each day to talk to each of your team members about.


Sorry this post was so me focused.  But if I cannot live out what I am talking about here I am just another blathering idiot.  I will get back to you on how this is going.