The other day I learned that babies pay more attention to high pitched voices.  So when people speak in “baby talk” they are actually speaking in a tone the babies enjoy and favor.  No matter what you say to a baby the only thing that matters is the tone.  If you talk softly the baby will start to calm down no matter what you say.

It is amazing that through the years we don’t change much.  No matter what people say you can take more from facial expressions and tone than gestures. 

People are drawn to people with a positive tone and positive body language. 

So instead of focusing so much on what you say, focus on how you say it. 

How to communicate more effectively learned from being a dad:

  • Smile: Smiling makes the biggest difference.  It totally changes your tone and people are drawn to people who smile.
  • Eye Contact: Look directly into the persons eyes and they will know you are genuine.
  • Expression: Have expressions if you are excited and you will allow the other person to share in the excitement.
  • Tone: Change your tone often as you are talking about things.  How much do you want to listen to someone who is monotone.

It is amazing how communication does not change throughout the years.  Maybe we should stop trying to make it so complicated and learn from our kids.