How do you start your day?  How should you start your day?

This is a question I have been wrestling with lately.  Do you start your day off with your to do list in front of you and accomplish the first big tasks?  Or do you go and connect with your people first?

I have seen the effects both positive and negative of both.

As I work through this issue that has been a constant pushing and pulling it has been really difficult. 

Which of the following is you?

Focusing on To-Do List Person

You feel a huge sense of accomplishment by getting the things done you need to get done.  Your task list is clean and neat your desk is tidy and you don’t feel behind.  Each day you feel like you accomplished what you needed to.  Personally you are getting a lot done.

Focusing on People Person

You spend most of your day talking with people.  You know a lot about what is going on with everyone on your team.  Some days at the end of them you wonder what you accomplished all day.  You look at your to do list and see nothing of yours personally got done.


Don’t be too much of a To Do List Person.  You are probably really talented as a leader and can accomplish more than anyone else on your own.  But there is only one of you and there are many who are part of your team.  Your job as a leader is to make sure that everyone on your team is running as effectively as possible. 

Make your team the first priority on your to-do list.  Maybe even select one person on your team each day to connect with and find out what is going on.  Find out how you can maximize their talents.