The other day someone asked me a question about what I liked about a church I was going to.  I gave him the answer and then kept saying more and making less and less sense the more I said. 

What should I have done instead?

Answer the question simply with 3 main reasons for the question he gave.  Then ask him THE RETURN QUESTION.  I failed in this instance of a golden opportunity to find out more about this person and what they think.  There reasoning for why they like certain things and to learn from someone older and probably wiser than me.  Instead I made my answer as long as possible and failed to ASK THE RETURN QUESTION.

There are many wise people around you.  Instead of acting like one, why don’t you try to learn from those around you. 

Take a deep breath and think about others first in all you do.  You will learn a lot more from others than you will from yourself.