Take a moment to think about what you think about everyone around you.  Think about your friends, people who aren’t your friends, coworkers, relatives, classmates, and anyone else.

Answer the following questions of 5 to 10 people:

  1. What is your opinion of that person? Do you like them, do you find them annoying, a know it all?
  2. Why do you feel that way?  Was it one thing they said, was it repeated actions, was it what others said?
  3. What was your first encounter with that person like?
  4. What are most encounters like?


These are the questions I would like you to think about and are questions I am going to think about also. 

I was reminded this weekend that one impression of a person isn’t usually how that person is.  I was a miserable cocky kid in high school but that is not who I am now.  If people went off a first impression of what I was like in high school they would not think much of me. 

You can’t go back in time and change things but what you can do from now on is to make sure you make the right first impression yourself.

Not only that, but give others some grace.  Don’t pigeonhole them as a certain person because of 1 or 2 encounters.  What for them to do things repeatedly before you form your judgments.