Most times in life adversity will make you want to ask the question “Why me?”  If you keep asking that question pretty soon you are going to be saying “poor me.” 

There is a reason challenges and adversity happens.  They happen to make you better.

My Air Conditioning has been out in my house for close to a week now (only 4 days that I knew it wasn’t working).  Today it is a blistering 95 degrees and tomorrow there is supposed to be more of the same.

I called my local plumber and told him I didn’t think it was working and on Friday he called back and said the part wouldn’t be in until Tuesday or Wednesday.  I had the choice of one of two reactions:

Reaction A: “Why in the heck don’t you have that part on hand.  You are supposed to be one of the bigger and better plumbing places and you don’t have that part.  I want this, this and this.  I want my air conditioning now.  You better express mail that.  I can’t believe the product you have would break down this soon.”

Reaction B: “Don’t worry about the problem.  I know you are doing your best and when the part comes in it will get done.  It will be a little warm but we will be alright.  Many people don’t have air conditioning and we can cope.  Thanks for checking on it right away and giving me a call back.”


To me Reaction B should be your reaction with every situation.  What good does it do to rehash something that can’t be changed.  Reaction A was the reaction of someone I explained the situation to(I exaggerated it a little bit).  None of those thoughts even came to my mind.

From every trial you should ask some questions and should cause yourself to realize some things and change them. 

What have I realized from this situation?

  • Having Air Conditioning isn’t the worst thing in the world.  Actually others people’s houses are way too cold.
  • I no longer need my AC at 70 degrees.  It is 82 in my house right now and I think 79 or 80 should be fine.
  • Not having AC makes me more in tune with the weather and causes me to spend more time getting fresh air.
  • Makes me realize how fortunate I really am for having AC.  How can such a small pleasure be so overlooked?

As a leader you should never let your team make excuses or become bitter about situations.  You should right away steer them into a direction of learning from the situation and becoming better.

Step out of your comfort zone for a while.  Stop drinking pop, eating out, or even shut off your AC for a week.  Learn from it and become a better person.

So make a promise to never ask the question “Why Me?”  Instead ask “What can I learn?”

By the way my Reaction was Reaction B.