Today I am taking a staycation.  I could have gone up to the lakes but decided to start off the vacation at home.  Home can be very relaxing as long as you keep some boundaries of what you should and shouldn’t do.  This summer I have had weekend “vacations” but I have not felt rejuvenated.  So this time we are going with a different approach.  I needed some boundaries and guidelines for my staycation. 

Rules for Staycation:

  1. No doing any outside work.  Not mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, or any other thing of that matter.
  2. Keep the cooking to a minimum.  It is alright to cook breakfast and maybe some veggies for lunch.  You should be relaxing and ordering pizza or going out to eat for lunch and supper though.
  3. You must watch movies.  Get your movies ahead of time and find time to relax and enjoy them.
  4. Read many different things.  I have read business magazines, blogs, sports, and other books.  Relax and just read. 
  5. Relish the time with Spouse and Kids.  I have enjoyed spending time with my wife and also taking care of my little girl in the morning when she is most happy.
  6. Turn your cell phone and home phone off.  I did answer one or two calls earlier but have since decided you don’t answer your phone on vacation.
  7. Sleep in and take naps.  Enough said.

These are my staycation rules.  They probably will be changed but this is my first staycation. 

What would be your staycations rules?