I have played in a few golf tournaments in the last couple of months.  It is interesting to me how many good golfers are at these events.  I am always asking people at these events how much they golf.  Then after they tell me how ever many times a week I usually do a yearly calculation and figure out how many hours that ends up being.  If you golf 9 holes 2 times a week from May until September that is 80 hours in a summer.  That is probably minimum for most avid golfers.  Man, that is a lot of time. 

I am not saying golfing is wrong or you shouldn’t do it.  I just always like to look at what I could have done with my time.  That is 80 hours I could have spent with my wife and kid, or exercised, or read 5 books.

Golfing for many is relaxing and for me it can be also.  I understand that if you are good at something that you want to keep doing it.  That may be the reason that I don’t enjoy golfing as much.  I am always amazed by the good golfers that I golf with.  But after the round it always leads me to what could have been done with all that time?