When golfing whether you use woods or irons can be applied to how you go through life.

If you tee off and use woods: You probably are a risk taker.  You like to get ahead quickly and don’t take the steady approach.  When the yardage says lay up you try to go for it all.  You have a great time working your way out of long grass, sand traps, or behind trees.

If you tee off and use irons: You prefer a slow steady predictable approach.  You would rather keep on hitting it straight that go for one big shot.  It is more beneficial for you to sacrifice some yardage for a predictable shot.


If I had to guess in my life I would be more of a person that would use woods.  I prefer to take chances and go for the big one than the slow and steady approach.  But every time I golf I tee off with my 3 or driving iron.  I hit it straight most of the time and never shoot great but never awful. 

As I sit back and think about why I golf the way I do I wonder if I golf the opposite I am in life.  I hope that is the case, but maybe your golf game shows more about you than you want to realize?

Are you a risky golfer?

Do you take risks in life?

Is there any connection between the two?