This was the question posed to me the other night in between our tournament games the other night.  My first reaction was that it is kind of boring and doesn’t really serve a purpose.  Which is partly true.  Then I stepped back in time and remembered when I was growing up.

Tuesday nights were church softball nights.  All the dads around played and all the kids and mothers came to watch.  We loved going and watching our dads play each other and we played baseball at the same time. 

Fast forward until now.  There is maybe a handful of people in the stands and the only kids there are 3rd grade and under.  No one seems to care and the kids are busy doing other things.  Also it is hard to find enough people to play because most people are too busy.

What has changed?  Is it we have found better things to do with our nights?  Have we got so busy that we don’t have time to play softball anymore?

One of my theories is that our lives now revolve more around our kids than our kids lives revolve around ours.  Kids are involved in more things that take more time than ever before. 

Another theory is that we don’t know how to relax anymore without the TV.  Going out and playing softball is not relaxing. 

These are a couple of my many theories what do you think?