Google has transformed the world and how we view things.  Google is so powerful a word that it is used as a noun, verb, adverb, and adjective.  In fact google is said so much that it probably is right up there with use as some curse words.

Would there be as much free out there if it weren’t for google?

Would we see as many companies copying the “free google model” to accomplish success?

People everyone are studying how Google was successful.  They are trying to fit there model into the Google model.  They are seeing what Google did and they are trying to ride the path that Google paved.  Sure that seems like a good ideas if you want to be a good company.  You can learn a lot of things from Google but if you want to be a great company Don’t copy Google.

Figure out a new way of doing business people have not thought of before.  Think of how to combine ideas of other businesses and spinning them to create something unique.  Google has done a lot of great things.  They have all but eliminated phone books, cook books, maps, newspapers & magazines (to some extent).

Look at Google’s way of doing business and take a few things of what they do.  But don’t ride their coat tails.  Step up and lead in a new and diverse way that makes people say “wow.”