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Do you always wonder how to make work more fun?  Or anything more fun for that matter. 

Don’t you remember when you were a kid (or even now) to pass the time while driving you would play the ABC game or you would play Zip or some other game like that.  Your goal at the end was getting to your destination but you needed some tools to make the journey more fun. 

I love to transfer childhood lessons learned to leadership and business.

Today at work I was going through everything I ordered and also thinking about my goals for the year.  I was thinking to myself I need to give myself a jump start to get excited about selling things and talking to people.  I talked to one other person and we decided to make a game of greeting people and keeping track if we sell to them.  No this game isn’t all about sales.  It is more about making conversation with people.  I want everyone who comes to my business to get talked to by at least two people.

This is how my thought process worked:

  1. I thought of my goal: My goal was to sell 10% more than last year.
  2. A main step in getting toward the goal: Making sure every customer who comes in gets talked to and made to feel welcome.
  3. Come up with 3 ideas of how to achieve: Make it a policy, make it a reward, or make it a game.
  4. Think of how to implement your idea: Keeping track of how many customers you talk to and how many end up buying.
  5. Enlisting Others: Talked to another person at work about the idea and we decided to make it a game with lunch as the reward.
  6. Leaving room for change: Be willing to change how to keep track and different ways to make the game more interesting.

What is the use in playing games if you don’t keep score.  Quit making it easy and basing it on numbers.  Anyone can create a game like that.  Be a little more ingenious.


One of the main things you gain to do get more people to come to your business is as easy as Being Remarkable.

Lots of people can talk about being remarkable but it is a lot easier said than done. 

How can your business be remarkable:

  • Hire people for attitude: Don’t hire people based on experience.  Skill can be learned but attitude is engrained in you.
  • Create a healthy work environment: Have a positive work environment where new ideas and excitement are rewarded.
  • Set an Example: It starts with the leader.  If you aren’t willing to be remarkable than is everyone else willing to be?
  • Have Fun: Being remarkable isn’t so much about systems as it is about making it fun.
  • Think Others First: When you start thinking about how to excite people walking in the door you can come up with all kinds of ideas.
  • Go one step further: Just when you think you have done enough go one step further if you want to be remarkable.

This spring our business has worked at being remarkable.  Rainy days have always been kind of a drag for everyone so we wanted to make them fun.  We went out and purchased some umbrellas to keep people dry.  Just having them available for people would have made it a nice gesture.  But we wanted to be memorable and remarkable.  So when people came we ran out to the cars to hold the umbrella for the people as they walked in.  But we didn’t stop there.  We also did it on the way out.  Was this a little out of our comfort zone? Yes.  Was it a lot of fun?  You betcha.  Will people talk?  I am sure they will tell at least ten of their friends.

How are you going to get people to talk today?

“I think getting up in the morning is more exciting when you’re nervous. If you’re not nervous, you’re dead. . . .It’s time to change your life or your work the moment you stop having butterflies in your stomach.” – Warren Bennis

I love this quote and ideas I found in this Nervous Blog by George Ambler on Practice of Leadership.

I have had that nervous feeling in my stomach a lot in this past year.  Oh yes, some of it might be stress but the other part of it is the excitement of creating something extraordinary.  If you don’t get excited and nervous going to work every day why do you go?

I guess I am a little of an excitement junkie and just love doing more and more things to add to the excitement.  

Most people:
    …..would rather not rock the boat and just go through the regular routine with lots of security.  
    …..won’t stick their neck out at all. 
    …..want an easy slow approach to growing.
    …..are afraid of what others might think.

But you are NOT LIKE MOST PEOPLE.  As a leader you want to learn, you want to try to accomplish the most you can.  You want to wake up with that nervous feeling everyday knowing that you have some pressure.  

Are you a boring poker player and sit out half the hands because you don’t think you will win?  Or are you at anytime willing to risk everything you have, or at least raise the stakes,  knowing that on the inside your stomach is churning with anxious excitement?  

I don’t know about you, but I hate waiting around and not trying to make a go of almost any hand.

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