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Who helps you behind the scenes when you don’t even know or realize it?  So many times we think we are doing the heavy lifting not realizing the people who do the little necessary things along the way to help you out. 

Check out this story relating to that at All Things Workplace by Steve Roesler.

After reading this story think about the people that pack your parachute. 

Who are the people who make your job easier but don’t get the credit? 

Who are your customers who are loyal and pack your parachute year after year?

Stop being so selfish and realize you aren’t doing all the work.  If the little details along the way wouldn’t get done would you still accomplish what you do?

This week look for those who help you and others out.  Write them a not or let them know what a great job they are doing.


Integrity makes a difference because it’s an outward indication of our internal character.

I love this line that I read at All things workplace in Steve Roesler’s Blog.

Most of us give lip service to integrity and work so hard at acting like we have integrity that we don’t take the time to truly work on our internal character. 

Why is that?

A lot of times it is because we don’t want to get to the root of the problem and we would rather mask it than deal with it.  We want to believe we are a lot better than we really are.  We just want the positives about ourselves because it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy. 

Another great line on integrity is: Integrity is what you do when no one is looking.  

How do you measure integrity?  Is it possible? 

You need some people around you who are brutally honest and you need to be the same with them.  Integrity isn’t something you work on with white gloves.  You need to get down and dirty and do the hard work of mining your character. 

Being a person of Integrity and Character is not easy. In what ways on a daily basis are you working on your integrity?

Steve Roesler at All Things Workplace had some great thoughts on discussion or dialogue .

In the blog he discussed and had a great illustration between dialogue and discussion.  I love having dialogue about things.  It is one of the most pleasant experiences.  People aren’t worried about feelings or offending anyone.  Ideas flow freely and ideas that otherwise wouldn’t have come up in just discussion come out as all ideas are brought together.

Discussion is also a good thing in the right context.  If you need to make a decision quick you need to have discussion about the problem to get to the solution quickly.

My question always is how do I get my business to go from discussion to dialogue?  Here are a few steps.

  1. Stop Looking at Your Feet: So many of our businesses are run fighting fires as they come and never really taking the time to look ahead.
  2. Drop Your Pant: I don’t really mean drop your trousers.  I mean in conversations with others show who you are and don’t hide it.  Quit getting so defensive and be open with ideas and feelings.
  3. enVISION it: You and you’re people don’t know where you are going or where to start with out a clear vision of what you are about and what the end goal is.
  4. Plan and Plan Some More: Sit down with groups and discuss issues and then make concrete plans based on your vision.
  5. There is NEVER a Bad Idea: When people come into these meetings do not stifle them by telling them that there idea is worthless.  Take the ideas and funnel them.  That will separate the good from the bad.

These are just a few of what could be many.  How are you going to move your business from the immediate needs of discussion to the powerful future of discussion?

Dr. Peter Vajda wrote a great post on Steve Roesler’s All things workplace blog on being right.

It was a great reminder on how we usually approach problems and solutions.  We need to be right so much of the time because we think we have the best ideas and we will do whatever it takes to win.  We attach our ideas to our ego and if someone attacks our idea it is personal.  In turn we get personal right back and attack their idea and then no one wins.

Why does their always have to be a winner or a loser?  Has winning and losing been so ingrained in us from a young age that is all we know?

I have found that it is better as a leader if you are not always right.  People don’t like being around others who are always right (or who think they are always right.)  If you are always right your team does not even want to bother to think because it is never their idea.

How do you not be right all the time:

  1. Ask lots of questions:  Even if you know the answer ask the questions so others can come up with the answers.
  2. Make the Idea their Own:  People don’t want to run with others ideas.  Make it so they had the right idea.
  3. Allow for silence:  Some of the best ideas are from those who rarely talk.  The longer you allow for silence the greater the idea might be.
  4. Stop Taking Credit:  Better than that.  Never take credit for anything!!!  It will make more people want to be on your team if you aren’t getting all the glory.
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