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I found this quote in one of my notebooks the other day.  It reads:

“Blessed is the man who is too busy to worry during the daytime and too tired at night.”

It was two years ago and at the time I thought this quote was what I wanted to strive for.  After a year of trying to live that way I came to a new realization.

Cursed is the man who is too busy too worry during the daytime and too tired at night because he did not make time for others or himself.

If you are a factory worker or a laborer this quote might mean that you had a successful day.  But if you are a leader this shows that your day was an utter failure. 

Many leaders are so busy being busy with things that makes it look like they are important rather than spending time on the important things.

What are the important things?

  1. PEOPLE: This is your most valuable asset as a leader.  People are what makes your business run and how you multiply yourself.  Take time to talk to your people and connect with them.  You will be glad that you did and so will they.
  2. The Important but not urgent: Too many times we flip this around and work on the urgent but not the important.  If you are constantly fighting fires that is what you will be.  If you sit back and look at the forest ahead you will be able to see the fire’s coming and put systems to prevent them.
  3. Getting away to get refreshed: Turn off your mind for a while and get refreshed away from work.  This will help you to be more refreshed and inspired at work.

Being busy is not a bad thing but when it takes you away from these important things you need for long term success you have trouble.

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