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Have you noticed that everywhere you go people are either looking down at their cell phones or off in some dream land listening to music.  Don’t you remember the days when people would run outside or do things with just the sounds of the birds outside.  No, I am not some hopeless romantic, I actually am one of the iPoders.  More often than not you see younger people running by themselves with their iPod instead of with other people building relationships. 

Cell phones are beginning to be the same way.  There are some young people around that I wonder if they even have faces because they never look up.  All I ever see is the tops of heads.  They are always texting someone.  The thing is it isn’t only young people.  Adults are more and more becoming “antisocial” with people who are with them and “textsocial” with others. 

I guess I am one of the few around that don’t text often and don’t have internet on my phone.  Why is that?  Not because I think I am better than anyone.  It is because I am already overwhelmed with technology everywhere and can sometimes be antisocial.  These two things would allow me be to really be antisocial and stop living in the present.  Sometimes I would even like to get rid of my cell phone.  Think back to times when things could wait and not everything was urgent.

You wonder why people are lonely and more depressed than ever.  The only relationships that we have are with our technologies.

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