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“Why can’t someone else think about things in the same ways I do?” 

That is what came out of my mouth the other day as I was thinking about work and what was going on.  My frustration had led me down a path of getting frustrated with different “urgencies” around me.

I started thinking I wished I had more people around me who thought like I did.  This time was different than normal though.  Instead of focusing on what others could change or should change, or what I thought they should be like.  Instead of focusing on what others weren’t doing, I focused on what they were doing and what there gifts were.

I realized it is kind of nice that I can be the dreamer, wear different hats, do different things and have the freedom to do it.  I couldn’t do designing all day for different jobs that would wear me out and I am not gifted there.  I couldn’t do bills and talk on the phone to people throughout the day that would cause me to go batty.  I couldn’t just go out and do the jobs everyday and figure out the technical ways how to finish them.

It really made me sit back and realize I didn’t have frustration but freedom.  Every one in our business has a different job that involves different skill sets.  My job as a leader is to realize what they are and to be THANKFUL that each individual has them.

Instead of getting frustrated in your current situation be thankful:

  • Realize what the positives are about your job.  They almost always outweigh the negatives.  We just tend to focus triple the time on the negative than the positive.
  • Encourage and compliment others.  Step outside yourself and realize what others are doing.  Thank them for being who they are and encourage them by being complimentary of things.
  • Start with Yourself.  Focus on the “true urgent” tasks and the important objectives yourself.  But don’t be so focused on yourself that you forget about others.
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