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This was the question posed to me the other night in between our tournament games the other night.  My first reaction was that it is kind of boring and doesn’t really serve a purpose.  Which is partly true.  Then I stepped back in time and remembered when I was growing up.

Tuesday nights were church softball nights.  All the dads around played and all the kids and mothers came to watch.  We loved going and watching our dads play each other and we played baseball at the same time. 

Fast forward until now.  There is maybe a handful of people in the stands and the only kids there are 3rd grade and under.  No one seems to care and the kids are busy doing other things.  Also it is hard to find enough people to play because most people are too busy.

What has changed?  Is it we have found better things to do with our nights?  Have we got so busy that we don’t have time to play softball anymore?

One of my theories is that our lives now revolve more around our kids than our kids lives revolve around ours.  Kids are involved in more things that take more time than ever before. 

Another theory is that we don’t know how to relax anymore without the TV.  Going out and playing softball is not relaxing. 

These are a couple of my many theories what do you think?


Seth Godin wrote a great article on learning. There was a lot of great points in the article but I especially enjoyed his point about giving people a movie instead of a book.

I have experienced similar things when telling people about reading a certain book. No way, they don’t have enough time. They are way too busy. But give them a movie every night and they will watch each one once and even twice. Why is that? Are we getting so lazy as a society that we can’t even read a whole book? We would rather sit in front of a TV and be a passive observer of what is going on. I used to be a movie/TV person but have now seen the light. I have read over 30 books in the past year. And now movies can barely keep my attention throughout. I try to get people around me to read more. No one has time they say. So I do outlines on the books so they can get the main points from the books. Still not enough time to get through the outline. Some of the people who actually read the outlines do eventually get sucked in to that or other books.

Why do we think that once we are done with school we can just stop learning? To tell you the truth I read and study more than I ever did in school. I don’t want to have to go to school for someone to teach me what they think. I can do my own school and pick what is relevant to me by picking books that I really enjoy.

Are you content with what you know and just fine with coasting through life on easy street? Or do you want something more?

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