My name is Justin Schuiteman.  I live in Northwest Iowa and am the retail and marketing manager for Ground Effects Landscaping, Garden Center, and Flower Shop.  My passion in life is to be anything but ordinary.  Here are my 3 Main Goals in Life:

  1. Never Stop Learning: “Leaders are readers and readers are leaders.”  This is a major element of what I believe and much of what I talk about and share will be based on this premise.  I love learning and being challenged.
  2. Bringing the Best out of Others: I want to bring the best out of others around me in any way possible.  If that is sharing information that is helpful, listening, or helping make decisions.  I want everyone around me to reach their full potential.
  3. Being Content with What I have But not with Who I am: People are always using the word “discontent” as bad.  I don’t think it is bad at all when it is being discontent in the right thing.  Being discontent with material things I think is always wrong.  I am discontent in my character, in who I am.  I can always be a better person and can improve every single day.  I am hard on myself but I want to reach my true potential and use the gifts God has given me.